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Children of all ages allowed to enter Masjid Al Haraam
Umrah open for children:

MAKKAH — The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced on Saturday that children of all ages are allowed to enter the Grand Mosque in Makkah.

The ministry's announcement came on its official account on the Twitter platform, where it said that parents could now take their children with them to the Grand Mosque.

It also clarified the methods of issuing permits for children, stating that for children over 5 years old, it must be ensured that the appropriate permit is reserved for them through the Eatmarna application.

While parents who want to bring their child under the age of 5, they can then enter the Grand Mosque without the need to obtain an entry permit.

It is noteworthy that the ministry allowed holders of all types of visas and those coming from all countries of the world for the purpose of tourism and visits to perform Umrah during their stay in Saudi Arabia.
 source Saudi Gazette
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Children of all ages allowed to enter Masjid Al Haraam

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