Complete Umrah Guide for Umrah After Covid-19 2022 

This is a complete Umrah Guide for Umrah After Covid-19 2022 

Author: Gazi Syed Munshi (Operations Manager KSA at 

Who can travel for umrah ? 

Anyone from any country who is covid-19 immune.

What are the requirement to go to Saudi Arabia ? 

Valid Visa 

Covid-19 Vaccination approved by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

Vaccine registration in Qudum Platform (Muqeem) 

PCR test (currently not required)

How to apply for Tourist or Umrah Visa ? 

49 Eligible country’s citizens can enter with tourist visa, all remaining countries need to apply for Umrah visa through an approved Umrah travel agent. 

You can apply for your visa from below link:- 

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Which type of vaccines are recognized or approved by Government of Saudi Arabia ?

2 doses of : Pfizer BioNTech  or  Comirnaty

2 doses of : Oxford AstraZeneca  or  Covishield  or  SK Bioscience  or  Vaxzevria.

2 doses of : Moderna  or  Spikevax

1 dose of Johnson & Johnson

How and when to complete arrival (Qudum) Registration in Muqeem Platform ?

To register arrival information you need to have the below documents or information handy:-

Visa Copy 

Passport Copy 

Air Ticket 

Vaccine certificates

you must have completed the registration at least 24 hours before arriving in Saudi Arabia.

Conditions of registration for vaccinated visitor: 

1- Obtaining one of the vaccines approved in the Kingdom, which are listed in Vaccine Type field. 

2- The vaccination certificates are required to be attested by the official health authorities in the country of arriving travelers (the Ministry of Health or an authorized health authority). 

3- Bring the original certificate upon leaving the Kingdom. 

4- Entering the information before departure to the Kingdom with a maximum of 72 hours.

5- Acknowledgment of the accuracy of the entered information and the correctness of the information will be verified upon issuance of the boarding pass and at the entry points, and failure to comply with these requirements makes it open to preventing entry to the Kingdom and the legal consequences.

6- Download Tawakkalna app before arrival and register upon arrival.

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When do I need to do PCR test ? 

Only if you are not covid-19 immune.

What to do after arrival in Saudi Arabia ?

Present Muqeem Papers To Ministry of Health

When you arrive in any international airport in the Kingdom, you will first have to pass the Ministry of Health checks. Officials will review your Muqeem papers, vaccination certificates and your PCR papers if needed. If your papers are accepted, they will update your details onto their local system.

Thereafter you will proceed to immigration who will provide you with a arrival reference number (Boarder Number) into your passport, you can then collect your luggage and continue towards customs.

Activate The Eatmarna and Tawakalna Applications

Eatmarna - This is for permits to enter Masjid Al haram for umrah, Tawaf and prayers and Masjid Al Nabawi for prayers in Noble Rawdah or Prophet’s Graveyeard.

We advise that you download the Eatmarna application onto your phone before arriving in the Kingdom. Open the app and complete the steps to apply for your Umrah permit. Note that you will need access to the internet to do this. You may need to purchase a local sim card from the airport or access the airport wifi to do this.

Tawakkalna - This is proof of your vaccination or vaccine passport which you will be asked to show every where you go before entering.

Open the application and click sign up, enter your passport number, nationality date of birth and Saudi mobile number and then agree to the terms and conditions. You will receive a verification code, enter it to complete the registration. 

Note: Ensure your mobile number is the same for all applications. 

Other Travel Updates

Nusuk Application Launch (previously Eatmarna)

Children of all ages allowed to enter Masjid Al Haraam

Turkish Airlines open for Umrah and Tourism Visas on 25th May 2022

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