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Which Apps are required for Umrah

Which apps are required for Umrah? 

1) Currently, the Nusuk App is the only App required before and during your stay in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2) It is not a requirement to register Tawakkalna or Muqeem as was previously.


As part of its efforts to contain the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, Saudi Arabia has launched a set of different apps to provide various health care services to its residents and external visitors, pilgrims and tourists. 

There are 2 Apps required for any travellers to Saudi Arabia for the purposes of Umrah or for tourism, and these are:

1) Tawakkalna

2) Eatmarna

What do the Apps do? 


This App verifies users’ vaccination and health status, it works as a Vaccination or Health Passport to provide access to any public place in Saudi Arabia which is required to show, at all times in all places. 

Below are explanations of the statuses in Tawakkalna:- 

• Immune - If it shows “immune” this means you are vaccinated and permitted to enter any place including the Holy Mosques

• Institutional Quarantine - If it shows “institutional quarantine” instead of immune that means you haven’t registered your vaccination on a pre-arrival form on the Muqeem Platform or you have not been vaccinated. (You will have to go into quarantine for 5 days and provide 2 negative PCR tests to come out of this status).

• Not InfectedIf it shows ‘’Not infected’’ that means you have come out of ‘’Institutional Quarantine’’ status but still not vaccinated and cannot enter public places including the Holy Mosques. 

• InfectedIf it shows ‘’Infected’’ that means you have tested positive in a PCR test you are required to isolate yourself for at least 7 days and provide a negative PCR test to come out of this status. 

• Non – Immune - If it shows ‘’non – immune’’ that means your second dose of the vaccine is expired and you don’t have a booster dose registered. In this case you cannot enter any public places including the Holy Mosques neither will you be able to book any slot for Umrah or other services in Eatmarna app. 


Eatmarna (اعتمرنا) app’s main job is to issue permits/appointments to visit the two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madinah. 

In Makkah at Masjid Al Haram permits are required for all type of visits such as Umrah, Tawaf or 5 times daily prayers in Masjid Al Haram. But in Madinah at Masjid Al Nabawi permits are only required for prayers in Rawdah and for Prophet PBUH’s Grave visits. 

Below are explanations of each service available in Eatmarna:- 

Umrah – this permit provides you with your Umrah booking including time and door entry.

Praying in the Grand Mosque – this allows you to book permit for prayers inside Masjid Al Haram in Makkah. 

Tawaf – (First floor) – this allows you to book an optional Tawaf but only on first floor. 

Praying in the Noble Rawdah (Men) from here, men can book their slot to in Riyad Ul Jannah or Rawdah. 

Praying in Noble Rawdah – (Women) – from here, women can book their slot to pray in Riyadh Ul Jannah or Rawdah. 

Prophet Visit (For men Only) – from here men can book to give salaam (greetings) to the Prophet PBUH’s grave. 

How does the app work? 

1) Eatmarna app is linked with Tawakkalna so in order to register with Eatmarna one must register in Tawakkalna (Health Passport App) first and you must use the same mobile number used in Tawakkalna to register with Eatmarna.

In case you have registered with an international number in Tawakkalna you may not able to register in Eatmarna with international number as Eatmarna works always with a local Saudi number only.

2) Therefore, ensure you first purchase a Saudi SIM you card and update your phone number in Tawakkalna and thereafter register in Eatmarna. 

3) Once you have registered/signed up then you will able to book appointments and can check issued appointments/permits from your dashboard, you will need to keep an internet connection all the time as the Grand Mosque’s security require to see the original permit from the app, as screenshots will not be accepted. 

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